Why the change to My Health Connection?

As electronic medical records advanced over the years, the advantages of having a single electronic health record (EHR) throughout Estes Park Health became clear. After a careful and thorough search, it was decided that UCHealth’s instance of Epic would serve our patients and providers best. Many of our patients also see healthcare providers at UCHealth and seamless access to clinical charts at both Estes Park Health and UCHealth will improve quality of and continuity of care for our patients. It is important to remember that while we will be sharing our EHR system with UCHealth, we are and will remain an independent organization.

Estes Park Health will no longer be putting your new medical information into the FollowMyHealth portal. If you need to view your medical information from prior to November 9, 2019, you may sign into the old FollowMyHealth portal here. This is no longer a live portal with which to communicate to your Estes Park Health physician. Please do not use the FollowMyHealth portal to attempt to message your EPH physician.

To view your medical information and to communicate with your EPH physician going forward, you must sign up for My Health Connection. While you may see “UCHealth” on some of the pages, this is indeed the Estes Park Health new patient portal, and Estes Park Health is still an independent medical center dedicated to the service of the residents of, and visitors to, the Estes Valley.

Why should I enroll in My Health Connection?

Patients are encouraged to sign up for UCHealth’s My Health Connection, the patient portal that allows patients access to their medical record. Visit Estes Park Health My Health Connection for enrollment instructions.

In addition to reviewing medical information, including medications, immunizations, allergies and medical history, patients can:

  • Make appointment requests and receive appointment reminders
  • Renew and refill prescriptions.
  • Receive lab and test results online.
  • Communicate with your provider via e-mail.

Follow My Health, will no longer be updated with new health data. Please sign up for My Health Connection. We are sure that you will appreciate the new features and improved usability.

There’s an app for that.

Take your medical record with you, thanks to the UCHealth App. The app integrates with My Health Connection to give you more ways to track and interact with your health, including access to your medical record and test results, health news, healthy recipes and exercises, and inspirational patient stories. The UCHealth App is available from the Google Play Store for Android devices (version 5.0 or higher), and via the iTunes store for iPhones (iOS9 or higher) – search “UCHealth.”