You'll Experience Changes with Your Bill When We Switch to the New Epic Billing System

Estes Park Health has changed to the Epic Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. The Epic EHR is the largest EHR in  the country and will allow our physician and other health care providers to have greater visibility to our patient's complete medical record. This will be especially helpful for patients that receive services outside of Estes Park Health, here in Colorado, or around the country.

The new billing system went into effect on November 9, 2019. If you are a current patient of Estes Park Health your bills will look different, but we believe the new system will help reduce billing confusion.

Estes Park Health Patient Financial Services team can answer your questions

To help you navigate these on-going changes, Estes Park Health  provides you with access to a Patient Financial Customer Service representative (970-577-4530), two Financial Counselors (970-577-4327 and 970-577-4528) dedicated to resolving patient balances.


Current Billing System

Encounter Billing: Currently you receive a bill for every encounter (outpatient service, physician visit, emergency department, etc.) at Estes Park Health. Hospital charges and Physician charges are separate.

Future Billing System

Guarantor Billing: You will receive one bill with all of your encounters at Estes Park Health listed. You will receive a separate bill from the provider whose services are contracted by Estes Park Health, but the provider is not employed by Estes Park Health.

Now, your statements will list the charges you owe, but NOT charges that are being processed by your insurance carrier.

Why you might receive both types of bills

One of the reasons we are moving away from our current system is that it does not "talk" with other systems. We are not able to move bills before November 9 to the new system. If you have a service before November 9, you will received the old encounter bill. If you have a service after November 9, you will receive a guarantor bill.