Estes Park Health provides a valuable service for patients needing chemotherapy, antibiotic or other types of infusion through our Outpatient Infusion Clinic, which partners with UCHealth for cancer care. Our patients can be cared for locally instead of making a long drive after therapy. Penicillin testing is also performed at the Infusion Clinic. We find that many people previously diagnosed with a penicillin allergy do not have one.


Patients taking anticoagulation medication like Coumadin visit our Anticoagulation Clinic to track precise INR blood levels. Expert pharmacists then customize your prescription, as well as offer dietary education and coordination with primary care doctors.

Respiratory Therapy

Patients can complete critical pulmonary function test, such as the Six-Minute Walk Test or Oxygen Titration, right here in Estes Park. Our Respiratory Therapy Clinic also offers Nocturnal Pulse Oximetry to help identify breathing disorders during sleep—one of few such clinics at altitude in the country.

Outpatient Wound Care

Chronic and non-healing wounds can be particularly challenging. Our expert staff helps wounds progress through the stages of healing using state-of-the-art tools, including:

  • Water debridement to precisely target dead tissues with less loss of viable tissue
  • Live and dehydrated tissue grafts
  • Negative tissue wound therapy