Inpatient Medical/Surgical Unit

Whether you develop pneumonia while vacationing here or need post-surgery care, Estes Park Health takes care of you in the Inpatient Medical/Surgical Unit. “Med/Surg,” as it’s commonly referred to, is the 15-bed unit for patients requiring overnight hospital stays, but not ICU stays.

This unit offers a high quality of attentive care from local nurses. Additionally, Med/Surg is staffed by a dedicated team of hospitalist physicians from a well-known partner organization that specializes in improving efficiencies and care at smaller or rural hospitals. Together, this capable Med/Surg team coordinates care with patients’ primary care doctors to ensure healthy recoveries.

Technology also plays a vital role in the superior care in Med/Surg. Wireless “smart” pumps reduce medication errors and improve workflow in the unit. The latest in telemetry also allows the staff to closely monitor patient vital signs, quickly identify potential problems and diagnose more quickly, particularly regarding cardiac events.


Hospitalists coordinate patients' care in the hospital. They are the physicians that organize the communication between different doctors caring for a patient. They serve as the point of contact for questions, updates and the comprehensive plan of care. They are also the main physician for family members to contact for updates on a loved one.

The hospitalist program is staffed by local, employed physicians, to provide the best personal care to our community and visitors.

Dr. Kenneth Epstein


Dr. Paul Fonken