Why are you taking my photo?

Estes Park Health registration staff is now taking photos of every patient. The photo is stored in your electronic health record (EHR) and is visible to all practitioners at the hospital and clinics. Adding your photo to your EHR is important to ensuring your provider accurately identifies you. Patient photos will improve the quality of patient care and the quality of patient interactions. There are secondary benefits to adding patient photos to the EHR, as it will help reduce insurance fraud due to identity theft and misrepresentation. You have the option to decline or defer having the photo taken, but you will be encouraged to do so for your own benefit.

What do I need to do?

You will need to bring your current insurance cards (medical and prescription), a valid driver’s license or ID, and their advance directives, as this information will not be moved into the new EHR. The registration professionals will ask you for your insurance card and valid ID at every visit to protect you from fraud.

For an appointment in the Physician Clinic, call 970-586-2200

There is always a Doc-of-the-Day, with up to 8 open slots for same day, urgent care and walk-in appointments.

All Physicians (including Specialty Care) have open slots in their daily schedule to accommodate same day, urgent care and walk-in appointments.

Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) have up to 3 open slots reserved each day for same day, urgent care and walk-in appointments.

Mid-level providers (physician assistants and nurse practitioners) have several slots open daily for same day, urgent care and walk-in appointments.

When you could experience a scheduling delay is when you decline to see another provider and your PCPs slots are filled or you are requesting a same-day appointment for a non-urgent issue like a physical or follow up for a chronic issue.


If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency call 911.

Estes Park Health Emergency Department is open 24/7/365 for emergency care services.

Estes Park Health Patient Portal

After November 9, 2019, we will no longer be using the Follow My Health portal. You will need to sign up for My Health Connection. This may seem confusing because My Health Connection will be UCHealth branded. The branding is not what is important, what is important is that your electronic health record will now be accessible to all providers and systems on the Epic system worldwide.

Why should I enroll in My Health Connection?

Patients are encouraged to sign up for UCHealth’s My Health Connection, the patient portal that allows patients access to their medical record. Visit www.uchealth.org/myhealthconnection for enrollment instructions. All documentation for services after May 5, 2018, can be found in UCHealth’s My Health Connection.

In addition to reviewing medical information, including medications, immunizations, allergies and medical history, patients can:

  • Make appointment requests and receive appointment reminders
  • Renew and refill prescriptions.
  • Receive lab and test results online.
  • Communicate with your provider via e-mail.

After November 9th, our current patient portal, Follow My Health, will no longer be updated with new health data. Please sign up for My Health Connection. We are sure that you will appreciate the new features and improved usability.

There’s an app for that.

Take your medical record with you, thanks to the UCHealth App. The app integrates with My Health Connection to give you more ways to track and interact with your health, including access to your medical record and test results, health news, healthy recipes and exercises, and inspirational patient stories. The UCHealth App is available from the Google Play Store for Android devices (version 5.0 or higher), and via the iTunes store for iPhones (iOS9 or higher) – search “UCHealth.”