Pinewood Springs artist donates painting to EPH

Two individuals, one seated in a chair wearing a dark shirt and the other standing beside, present a framed landscape painting depicting a green valley with mountains in the background.
Allan Robertson and his wife Donna Johnson pose with his painting in a patient room at Estes Park Health. (Wendy Rigby/Estes Park Health)

Artist Allan Robertson says he wants his art “to get out into the world.”

As a patient at Estes Park Health recently, the Pinewood Springs resident decided to donate an acrylic painting to the medical/surgical unit where he was being treated. He is originally from Scotland. His beautiful creation with mountains and a lake is a painting of Scotland he calls “Hiking in the Homeland.”

“Hiking in the Homeland” by Allan Robertson (Wendy Rigby/Estes Park Health)

“I have a lot of art,” Robertson explained, “and a lot of people seem to like my art.”

Robertson has received much of his healthcare at EPH for the last couple of decades. He says the care he has gotten has been “absolutely phenomenal.”

His wife, Donna Johnson, said Robertson has always created art, but in his retirement years, the former electrical engineer really started painting in earnest. He sold a lot of his work, too.

“He paints eclectic subjects, from portraits to landscapes to abstract,” Johnson said. “Being an artist is who he is. He wants to breathe that until he dies.”

Robertson also donated an piece titled “Birthday” to EPH in 2023 when two dozen artists help decorate EPH with their original works.

We appreciate his generosity. Visitors to the med/surg unit will enjoy his beautiful and serene painting of Scotland for years to come!