Mountaintop Medicine from Estes Park Health: Think Estes Park Health Urgent Care for your same-day medical needs

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When you’re sick or injured but you don’t need the emergency room and you can’t get into your regular physician’s office, Estes Park Health’s Urgent Care Center is close and convenient.

Staffed with professionals who know how to take care of everything from bumps and bruises to simple bone breaks and infections, our Urgent Care is ready to take care of business quickly and efficiently.

“There are a lot of minor injuries and illnesses that don’t need emergency room attention but simply can be taken care of at urgent care,” said Elise Booth, EPH Urgent Care Family Nurse Practitioner. “We identified a need in the community to fill some gaps for people who were either traveling or locals who couldn’t see their primary care providers. We also saw an opportunity that we could relieve some of the patient care done by the emergency department when people didn’t need to be there.”

The Estes Park Health Urgent Care opened in May of 2020. It’s conveniently located off Highway 34 at 420 Steamer Drive. The spacious, state-of-the art facility includes seven exam rooms, an x-ray suite, a pharmacy, an orthopedic room for splinting, testing equipment and – most importantly – a staff of professionals ready for whoever walks in the door.

“This is a very nice facility,” Dr. Cynthia DiLauro of EPH commented. “It’s large and the rooms are open and new and modern. Everything’s available to you. It’s accessible. And the staff here is wonderful. Everyone works together very well. I think it’s just a great team.”

Dr. DiLauro is one of the internal medicine physicians at EPH. She covers some shifts at the Urgent Care on the weekends. DiLauro and the nurse practitioners, EMTs and paramedics who help patients address many common complaints.

“We see a lot of people with a sore throat,” Dr. DiLauro pointed out. “I would say overall probably pharyngitis. And then COVID symptoms have been more popular recently. We can do a rapid strep to rule out strep pharyngitis. We can give you a COVID test. And then we can do x-rays. We do start IVs sometimes because sometimes we see people with altitude related symptoms. Often oxygen if that’s appropriate. Anti-nausea drugs for sometimes related altitude symptoms. And then injuries, many injuries, whether it’s your elbow, your knee, from hiking and falling. Ankle sprains. Fractures. Fishhooks that maybe are caught in someone’s ear lobe.”

The staff at EPH Urgent Care says the variety of medical cases keeps them on their toes.

“I love the diversity,” Booth emphasized. “I see new people all the time. I see different things all the time. I’m constantly challenged. I’m constantly learning.

For patients, the cost and convenience of Urgent Care are huge benefits.

“We’re saving people from ER visits that are unnecessary,” Booth added. “We’re open seven days a week. It’s hard these days to get into your primary care provider for same-day appointments. We’re happy to provide that service to our community members as well.”

When a bump, bruise or break just can’t wait, think Estes Park Health Urgent Care. Patients receive the same, high-quality care of Estes Park Health delivered at this stand-alone center.

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