Local Methodists gift Estes Park Health patients with teddy bears

Four people stand in a medical room, holding colorful handmade quilts, with more quilts laid out on a medical bed in front of them. Medical equipment is visible in the background.

Twelve members of the Estes Park United Methodist Church crafted teddy bears to give out to the community. On Monday, February 20, the church brought 48 of these handmade stuffed animals to the emergency department at Estes Park Health (EPH) where they will be distributed to children in need of comfort during a hospital visit. Left to right are Lee Criswell, member of Estes Park United Methodist Church, Ann Lantz, Pastor of Estes Park United Methodist Church, Dr. John Meyer, Emergency Department (ED) physician and Pat Samples, Chief Nursing Officer. EPH is grateful for the many years members of this church have lovingly made these bears for members of the Estes Valley community in crisis.