The Estes Park Health Foundation was created to increase community awareness of the health center and its mission, and to develop, manage and distribute funds to assist the health center in fulfilling its mission. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of directors comprised of residents from the Estes Valley area.

Message from the Executive Director

Kevin L. Mullin, MNM, CFRE

Dear Friend of The Foundation,

This is truly a unique time to be in health care. The only thing constant is change. You may be thinking “that sounds like a contradiction.” Well, you would be right. Health care reform is bringing about constant change, and it is often difficult for those of us working in health care to keep up. Insurance plans and coverages are constantly changing. The ownership of health organizations is changing. It seems as though there are new therapies and treatments becoming available constantly. It is now possible to have your watch keep track of how well you sleep, how much you exercise, and whether or not you are eating the right type of foods. Change is happening all around us.

Despite the changes that are happening before our eyes, one thing that is not changing is the Estes Park Health Foundation’s commitment to the citizens of the Estes Valley. Specifically, our goals remain intact: to raise funds to support the capital and operational needs of Estes Park Health, to build and steward our endowment in order to ensure future financial sustainability and to raise community awareness of the important work done by Estes Park Health. The Foundation is able to accomplish its work because of people in the community, like you, who give their time and resources to make it possible. We are grateful to all of the volunteers who serve on our Board of Directors, various committees, and those who help in the hospital and throughout the community. The Foundation also has generous donors who contribute funds to various campaigns to improve the health of people in the Estes Valley and throughout the world.

We are very fortunate to have a high-quality, award-winning hospital like Estes Park Health right here in our community. Please join me and the rest of The Foundation in our work to ensure its continued success.

Very sincerely,

Kevin L. Mullin, MNM, CFRE
Executive Director


Generous community support for the Medical Center began long before the doors even opened at the Elizabeth Knutsson Memorial Hospital in 1975. The first chief of medical staff noted at the hospital’s dedication that there were no federal or state funds used to build the hospital – the resources were derived entirely from within the community. That strong community support carries through to today. Read about our historical milestones here.


Friends of the Foundation, generous people just like you, have donated millions of dollars to ensure that the highest quality healthcare is available for all who come to Estes Park Health. Read about the milestones your donations achieved in our most recent annual report "Reflecting the Strength and Health of Our Community.” Previous reports can be accessed in the archive.


Knutsson Society

The Knutsson Society is the Estes Park Health Foundation’s giving circle comprised of its top annual donors. Members of the Society give a minimum of $1,000 annually to The Foundation. Individuals listed here, have given $2,500 or more in 2017.  Thank you to these donors whose gifts help make it possible for Estes Park Health to provide award-winning service here in the Estes Valley.

Legacy Society

Friends of the Foundation who have planned to leave an estate gift to the Estes Park Health Foundation.

Memorials, Tributes and Honorariums

Several different opportunities are available to honor special friends in the memorial garden, and on plaques, bricks and benches around the Medical Center campus.

Contact Estes Park Health Foundation

PO Box 3650
Estes Park, CO 80517