Estes Park Health: Vital to our Mountain Community During the Pandemic and Always

Estes Park Health was very proactive at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and created several “negative-pressure” inpatient rooms for proper isolation of patients who have tested positive and require hospitalization. We can admit non-ICU (Intensive Care Unit) patients to these inpatient rooms and provide proper and protected care. In the event of very serious cases requiring ICU attention, EPH will transfer those patients to one of the Front Range hospitals who maintain ICUs.

In addition, Estes Park Health continues to prepare for the possibility of a lack of available ICU beds at the valley hospitals due to a surge of COVID-19 patients.  Our physicians, CRNAs, Respiratory Therapists, and Nurses have refined their processes and secured equipment to care for critically ill patients, and the presence of multiple negative-pressure rooms (in our inpatient department, our Emergency Department, and our surgical services suite) give us capacity for proper isolation and care of several patients.