Estes Park Health to be featured in upcoming wildfire podcast

Kristan Uhlenbrock, Executive Director of The Institute for Science & Policy at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science interviews Estes Park Health CEO Vern Carda about the hospital's experience during the 2020 wildfire evacuation. (Photo by Wendy Rigby/Estes Park Health)

On Thursday, May 30, Estes Park Health CEO Vern Carda was interviewed for an upcoming podcast produced by The Institute for Science & Policy, part of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. The award-winning podcast is called "Laws of Notion."

Producer Kristan Uhlenbrock and writer Carson Frame came to EPH to talk to Carda about his experience during the historic 2020 wildfire season. Evacuating an entire hospital during the first part of the COVID pandemic was quite the undertaking.

"'Laws of Notion' is centered around communities facing difficult choices, and it emphasizes nuance, science, and critical thinking in the face of complex issues," Frame said. "For season four, the topic is wildfire. We’re focusing on the historic 2020 Colorado fire season and the larger picture around fire, landscapes, and people."

To learn more about the podcast and the Institute for Science & Policy led by Executive Director Uhlenbrock, go to Laws of Notion Podcast : The Institute for Science and Policy.

"In our podcast, we push against our preconceived beliefs and think critically about the world around us," the podcast producers explained. "Each season, we’ll tell a story about an issue facing a community, where there are no easy answers. Listen to explore the interconnections between science, policy, and our human nature."