Estes Park Health celebrates National Physicians Week

A medical professional in scrubs and a surgical cap is talking to a patient lying in a hospital bed in a clinical room filled with medical equipment.
Estes Park Health surgeons perform colonoscopies each week for patients like Deborah Adams.

At Estes Park Health, we appreciate our physicians! Dedicated doctors like Jennifer McLellan, MD, (pictured here), provide quality, life-saving care 24 hours a day. At EPH, you can find our list of our healthcare providers at Search Results – Estes Park Medical Center (

National Physicians Week sets aside March 25 -31 to honor the healers dedicated to the art of medicine. Doctors deal with years of school, grueling shifts, and emotionally difficult decisions, and still manage to care for us with focus and kindness.

Happy National Physician Week to all the incredible doctors out there! Your dedication, compassion, and expertise make a world of difference every day. Thank you for your tireless efforts in healing, comforting, and caring for patients. Your commitment to improving lives is truly inspiring. We celebrate you and all that you do!