EPH salutes our lab workers during Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

The 49th Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (MLPW), April 14-20, 2024, is a tribute to these pivotal figures in healthcare and medicine, highlighting their vital contributions.

With an array of massive machines, microscopes, hoods and vials, Laboratory Services at Estes Park Health is the heartbeat of the hospital.

Without lab test results, doctors are simply listening to symptoms and guessing.

Medical Laboratory Scientists or Medical Technologists — as they are also referred to – are often called the hidden professionals who save lives. Every sample of blood, urine, stool, or culture winds up in the lab where hundreds of tests can be performed on sophisticated instruments.

We salute these unsung heroes and acknowledge that the role of medical laboratory professionals in healthcare is essential to delivering precise and timely results, ensuring patient safety, and advancing medical care.