EPH Board Chair and CEO educate the Rotary Club of Estes Park about the upcoming ballot election

Two men stand at the front of a room speaking at an Estes Park Rotary Club meeting, with a Rotary Club banner behind them. Attendees sit at round tables, listening to the presentation.

On Thursday, April 13, the Estes Park Health Board Chair David Batey and the Estes Park Health CEO Vern Carda spoked to the Rotary Club of Estes Park about the upcoming ballot election on May 2.

On Thursday, March 2, the Estes Park Health Board of Directors voted unanimously to approve Resolution 23-01 which approves a ballot measure to be voted upon by registered voters in the Park Hospital District May 2.

The ballot measure – which would not raise taxes — would authorize the Board to enter into a multiple year financial obligation that would be part of any affiliation agreement.

Estes Park Health is in discussions with other healthcare organizations about enhanced affiliation. Approval of this ballot measure in May would enable these discussions to move forward to agreement.

“We believe increased affiliation with a larger healthcare organization will occur at some point in the future,” said Estes Park Health Board Chairman David Batey. “Estes Park Health leadership is taking an active role in negotiating a future affiliation that accomplishes our goals.

We remain committed to providing excellent health care services that will address our community’s health care needs for years into the future.”

Ballot Language

The ballot language is as follows:

“Without imposing any new tax or increasing any tax rate, shall Park Hospital District, doing
business as Estes Park Health, be authorized to enter into one or more agreements, constituting
a multiple fiscal year financial obligation within the meaning of Article X, Section 20(4)(b) of the
Colorado Constitution, with one or more nonprofit healthcare providers concerning the
ownership, operation, and maintenance of all or any portion of the District’s hospital and other
healthcare and related facilities and assets, including the lease or other conveyance from the
District of real and personal property, and to pledge all or any portion of the District’s revenues
pursuant to such agreements?”

Estes Park Health Board supports May ballot measure

In a unanimous vote, all five members of the Estes Park Health Board of Directors publicly supported passage of ballot measure 8A to be decided on by people who live in the Park Hospital District on May 2. The Board held a special meeting on Thursday, March 16, and heard comments and question from the public on the issue of allowing the Board to enter into a multi-year financial agreement with a prospective healthcare partner. The Board needs this approval from voters who pay taxes to pursue any kind of negotiation.

EPH Board of Directors election is also May 2

Six people are running for three seats on the Estes Park Health Board of Directors on the May 2 ballot.

Incumbent Board members Steve Alper and Bill Pinkham are running for re-election.

Four other people from the community are also on the ballot to win one of the four-year terms on the board. Those self-nominated candidates include Cory Workman, John Meissner, Todd Nardi and Brigitte Foust.

For more information about the ballot issue, log on to May 2023 Board Election – Estes Park Health (eph.org)