Even before Estes Park Health opened its doors as the Elizabeth Knutsson Memorial Hospital in 1975, there was a groundswell of community support. The first chief of medical staff noted at the hospital’s dedication that there were no federal or state funds used to build the hospital--the resources were derived entirely from within the community. From funding capital improvements and purchasing state-of-the-art medical technology to the many volunteers helping patients each day, our community and Estes Park Health continue to be closely intertwined.

The Estes Park Health Foundation, along with vital support from several community partners, steers and manages fundraising to support the capital and operational needs of Estes Park Health. When you give through the foundation, you directly support Estes Park Health's efforts to help our community stay healthy and recover from injury and illness. Your gifts go where they are needed most, including the support of programs like our Residential Care, equipment purchases such as a CT scanner, and capital improvements like our Emergency Department renovation and expansion.


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