VIDEO: The Elizabeth Guild is an important partner for Estes Park Health and the EPH Foundation

Five women posing for a group photo indoors, all wearing name tags. One woman is seated in front, while the other four stand behind her. They are dressed in casual and business-casual attire.
The Elizabeth Guild is a long-standing partner of the Estes Park Health Foundation. Every campaign, every need, The Elizabeth Guild is there. They have helped us in raising money for much-needed medical equipment replacement and upgrades and have provided scholarships for Estes Park Health Employees. We thanked them for their unwavering support with an appreciation tea so that the Guild volunteers could see the results of their efforts and meet the scholarship recipients. Thanks to EPH Dietary staff for catering the event, and to Facilities for setting up the Meeker Room. And thanks to the Elizabeth Guild for all that they do to support us. You can support the Elizabeth Guild by visiting their shop at 427 West Elkhorn Tuesday-Saturday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. (Photo by Linda Lambert/Estes Park Health)

On Monday, Sept. 18, the Estes Park Health Foundation hosted an appreciation tea at the hospital for members of the Elizabeth Guild which has proudly supported EPH since 1972.

The money raised by the Guild helps provide scholarships for EPH employees to continue their education. The funds also help purchase important equipment like diagnostic imaging tools including a newly installed fluoroscopy machine.

“The Elizabeth Guild’s contributions have been instrumental in our ability to provide exceptional patient care,” said Estes Park Health Foundation President Kevin Mullin.

About the thrift shop

In the heart of Estes Park, a haven of compassion and support has been quietly making a profound impact on the community’s health and well-being. The Elizabeth Guild is not just a thrift shop. It is a lifeline of generosity and care.

For decades, the Elizabeth Guild has stood as a pillar of support for Estes Park Health Foundation, transforming the lives of countless individuals.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Guild and the unwavering support of this community, Estes Park Health Foundation has been able to bring cutting-edge medical equipment to the forefront of patient care.

The Elizabeth Guild has been an integral part of previous fundraising campaigns, enabling the acquisition of essential diagnostic imaging equipment, including a new MRI machine, 3d mammography, and a new fluoroscopy unit.

Every Elizabeth Guild donation has paved the way for scholarships that empower Estes Park Health employees to enhance their skills and knowledge, ensuring the highest level of care for everyone.

As the sun rises over Estes Park, it also rises on a brighter future for healthcare in this community, thanks to the dedication of the Elizabeth Guild and their unwavering commitment to making a difference.

The Elizabeth Guild is where compassion meets action, where every sale changes lives. When you shop at The Elizabeth Guild, your generosity is shaping a healthier tomorrow.

To watch a video about this organization, click on this link: The Elizabeth Guild is an important partner for Estes Park Health and the EPH Foundation – YouTube.