Receive Excellent Wound Care Treatment

Thanks to a generous donation from the Estes Park Health Foundation, the Wound Care Clinic offers advanced healing options.

Many people suffer from chronic open sores that can become seriously infected. A variety of factors can influence a wound to become chronic and refuse to heal. Some factors include circulation problems, cancer treatments, age or being a diabetic.

Estes Park Health Wound Care Clinic physician, Dr. Scott Woodard, suggests that you should come to the Estes Park Health Wound Care Clinic if you have any of the following symptoms because you may have an infection:

  • Your wound feels hot and is always painful or throbbing
  • Your wound produces pus, drainage or a bad odor
  • Your wound and the area surrounding are swollen
  • Your wound and the area around the wound are red

Is your wound healing correctly?

You should see your physician if you have a wound that is infected, or a skin disorder that is not healing. Your physician can refer you to the Estes Park Health Wound Care Clinic team and you can remain close to home for treatment. In the Wound Care Clinic you will experience a patient-focused, evidence-based and outcome-driven program designed to get your wound healed as quickly as possible. Wounds that resist healing can lead to serious complications. Chronic and non-healing wounds can be particularly challenging. The expert staff at the Wound Care Clinic helps wounds progress through the stages of healing using state-of-the-art tools to get you back to doing what you love to do. Call the Outpatient Care Coordinator at 970-744-1768 for more information.

Estes Park Health Foundation makes a donation to the Wound Care Clinic

In 2018, the Estes Park Health Wound Care Clinic received a very important donation to advance wound care provided to patients in the Estes Valley community. The Estes Park Health Foundation, through the Paint Estes Pink program, raised $42,273.63 to purchase equipment for the Wound Care Clinic. The updates included adding surgical-grade lighting to better examine and treat wounds; and a specially designed exam chair for increased comfort to patients receiving treatment. According to Erin Wooley, Director of Med/Surg Outpatient Infusion, Outpatient Wound Care and Respiratory Therapy, the generous community donations through the Paint Estes Pink program raised enough money to purchase a new cautery device as well.

On January 18, the Estes Park Health Foundation will be holding an Open House from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the Wound Care Clinic for donors and community members interested in seeing the improvements and talking with the Wound Care Clinic team. Contestants from the 2018 Mrs. Rooftop Rodeo competition, key fundraisers for this project, will be present as well.  Estes Park Health is located at 555 Prospect Ave. Please enter through the main hospital lobby doors and you will be directed to the Wound Care Clinic.