Estes Park Health Rehabilitation Services works with every resident of or visitor to the Estes Valley to provide options for rehabilitation, also known as physical therapy. These services are provided through our outpatient services and our Home Health Services.

Outpatient physical therapy is provided in our gym. Our clinical treatment area at the hospital provides privacy and care by our team of professionals with a variety of clinical expertise.

Comprehensive services include:

  • 持牌员工提供的身体、职业及言语治疗
  • 为需要骨科、神经科、心脏和肺科服务的患者提供综合康复计划
  • 关节置换、运动医学、神经肌肉止痛、颅骨治疗和肌膜释放技术、姿势评估、老年病学以及压力服装和矫形器的定制安装等专业治疗方案
  • 家庭护理和门诊部门之间提供一致的人员配备和后续护理,这两种服务均位于埃斯特斯公园健康中心

Cardiac Rehabilitation

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Estes Park Health is an exercise and education program designed for heart patients to help control cardiac risk factors, improve fitness and learn to live with the effects of heart disease.

Our patients are men and women who have experienced a cardiac event or suffer from health conditions that could result in serious heart problems. This program focuses on exercise, nutrition/weight management, stress management and education. Patients are treated with a program designed specifically to meet their individual needs. Our staff works closely with our physicians to design and implement a program specifically designed for each patient’s needs, providing tools for a healthy recovery.

We welcome the opportunity to serve our patients residing or visiting the Estes Valley, and appreciate referrals for all the above services. We also accept Medicare, Medicaid and all major insurance carriers. If you have questions, feel free to stop by and visit us or call 970-577-4368.