Same-Day appointments are available with our physician of the day!

front of hospitalNot feeling great and don’t have an appointment? Come on in and we’ll get you set with our physician of the day, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant or other clinic physician. Estes Park Health is a full service hospital complete with x-ray, labs, inpatient care, surgical services, emergency department and we are a Level IV Trauma Center.


星期一 – 星期五 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

星期六 8:00 a.m. to 12 noon.

If you have an emergency please dial 911

Estes Park Health Physician Clinic: 970-586-2200

Estes Park Health Main Phone: 970-586-2317



What is the availability of same-day appointments at Estes Park Health?

We’ve had many calls in the recent weeks asking about the availability of scheduling an appointment in the Physician Clinic. We want to share how the scheduling system currently works in the Physician Clinic:

  • There is always a Doc-of-the-Day set aside who has up to eight open slots for patients who need same day and walk-in appointments.
  • 所有医生(包括专科医生)在每日时间表中都有开放点,以容纳当天和就诊预约。 我们的初级保健医生 (PCP) 每天最多为同一天或就诊预约预留三个空缺。
  • 中级提供商,包括我们杰出的护士执业医师和医生助理,每天多个开放时段,用于当天和就诊预约。


如果某人拒绝查看常规 PCP 以外的其他提供商,并且其常规 PCP 的当天时段已预订,则可能会遇到计划延迟。另一个实例是,如果患者请求对非紧急问题(如慢性问题的物理或后续预约)进行当天预约。请致电 970-586-2200 查看预约可用性。


The answer is, YES! Estes Park Health has done some excellent recruiting and we are accepting new patients.  Dr. Joseph Lee,  Dr. Juli Schneider and Dr. Nicholaus Mize have joined our Internal Medicine team.  Dr. Patricia Aldridge also joined Estes Park Health as a part-time Pediatrician to work with our younger residents along with Dr. Mark Wiesner. Lena Pavlish joined our family practice team and is a highly skilled nurse practitioner. All our new PCPs have spots open for new patients.