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Walk-in Appointments are Available

Summer is a very busy time at Estes Park Health with the return of our summer residents and many visitors. Estes Park Health has implemented many positive changes in the Physician Clinic (formerly Estes Park Medical Group) to create greater access to care for our diverse community’s health care needs.

What is the availability of same day and walk-in appointments at Estes Park Health?

We’ve had many calls in the recent weeks asking about the availability of scheduling an appointment in the Physician Clinic. We want to share how the scheduling system currently works in the Physician Clinic:

  • There is always a Doc-of-the-Day set aside who has up to eight open slots for patients who need same day and walk-in appointments.
  • All Physicians (including Specialists) have open spots in their daily schedule to accommodate same day and walk-in appointments.  Our Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) have up to three open slots reserved each day for same days or walk-in appointments.
  • Mid-Level providers, including our exceptional Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants, have several open slots daily for same day and walk-in appointments.

Why would a patient have to wait for an appointment?

Where someone could experience a scheduling delay is if they decline to see a different provider outside of their regular PCP, and their regular PCP’s same-day slots have been booked. Another instance is if the patient is requesting a same-day appointment for a non-urgent issue like a physical or follow-up appointment for a chronic issue. Please call 970-586-2200 to check appointment availability.

 Are any Estes Park Health Physicians accepting new patients?

The answer is, YES! Estes Park Health has done some excellent recruiting and secured Dr. Joseph Lee and Dr. Juli Schneider for Internal Medicine. Both have spots open for new patients. Dr. Nicholaus Mize has accepted a position in Internal Medicine and will be starting at Estes Park Health on August 12, 2019 and have his first day in the Physician Clinic on August 19.  Dr. Mize recently completed a Fellowship in hospice and palliative care services and will bring an amazing perspective to our Hospice Care program. Dr. Patricia Aldridge also joined Estes Park Health as a part-time Pediatrician to work with our younger residents along with Dr. Mark Wiesner.

Jimmy Atha, CRNA, joined Estes Park Health on a full-time basis in our anesthesia department.  Atha will help us with additional anesthesia coverage to allow our surgeons to provide more surgical services to the Estes Park community – keeping patients close to home and family. He will be a significant addition to our already excellent anesthesia team and help us expand our surgical services to accommodate more patients.

For additional information about any of the Estes Park Health Physicians, please go to providers.eph.org. You can also find a complete list of Estes Park Health Physician Services by going to eph.org/our-services/physician-clinic. And, comprehensive overview of all Estes Park Health services provided at eph.org/our-services. For any information regarding the Physician Clinic, please call 970-586-2200.