Protecting the Estes Valley community from the spread of COVID-19 is a critical need without budgeted funding. Funding for CovidFreeEV Campaign will save lives.

In 2020, EPHF has already responded to the coronavirus pandemic by fully funding:

Phase 1: Retrofitting 7 rooms to negative pressure rooms (4 in Med/Surg and 3 in the ED) and purchasing additional PPE for staff.

Phase 2: Underwriting the cost of COVID-19 direct RT-PCR testing capabilities for Estes Park Health.

Phase 3: EPHF needs $150,000 for Phase 3, which is providing vaccinations and COVID-19 direct RT-PCR testing for 738 uninsured Estes Valley residents. The impact of this initiative is to provide quick COVID-19 test results and vaccinations for all 14,358 Estes Valley residents, which allows for freedom of movement for everyone (including the most vulnerable populations), in-person school at Estes Park School District, and an open economy in the Estes Valley. Many small businesses, which contribute to the livelihood of immigrants and people under the poverty line, will be able to safely open and fully staff their businesses. Employees of these businesses will be able to maintain their cashflow without having to take unpaid days off to recover from COVID-19 or cover losses in childcare. They will not incur medical bills for vaccinations and quick testing, which allows for effective contact tracing. A COVID-Free EV relies on EVERY resident having access to vaccines and testing.  

Please see EPHF’s full Case for Support for more details on this campaign.

Give Today. Lives Depend on You.

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