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Terri Brant Correia Estes Park CNO is Recognized for Her Dedication

From Vern Carda, Estes Park Health (EPH), CEO, “Terri Brandt Correia, EPH Chief Nursing Officer resigned her position. I am pleased because Terri is making the best choice for her family but saddened that Estes Park Health will lose a great team player. Terri shared with me that she has enjoyed working with all the staff at Estes Park Health and would like to give special recognition to her dedicated direct reports who have worked shoulder-to-shoulder with Terri since she started. Terri shared, “This is a truly exceptional, talented, and hard-working group of healthcare leaders. I know that the great work we’ve been doing, especially related to COVID-19, will continue because of the committed staff that is in place. I’m honored that I was able to experience this time at Estes Park Health. I will always remember my time here fondly.”

Terri and her family have determined that Estes Park is not the right forever home for them. “This is an incredibly beautiful part of the world, but it just isn’t the right place for us to settle down long term.”

Currently Senior Leadership is working to identify potential interim CNO candidates to lead while a search is conducted for a full-time CNO. It is the goal to have an interim CNO in place soon so that this new person will have an opportunity to work alongside Terri prior to her departure. Vern continued, “I am confident that as an organization we will continue to make a positive difference in the health and well-being of our community because of the leadership Terri has provided over the last year.”

Everyone at Estes Park Health would like to thank Terri for her dedication to the organization and we wish her well on her journey to find her next place to call home.