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Need Help with Your New Bill from Estes Park Health?

Estes Park Health delivered on another strategic initiative. In order to remain strong, independent, and community-owned, the Estes Park Health Senior Leadership Team recognized the need to move the financial, human resources, and front-line and ancillary clinical departments to one platform. The platform that was chosen is the Epic system (epic.com).

What will Estes Park Health achieve with the Epic conversion?

Excellent patient care and superior patient safety are our primary goals. Our move to Epic is all about providing the best and safest care to our patients, our community, and our visitors. With the Epic System, we now have a more complete picture of every patient for whom we provide care. We can provide the best and safest care when we have access to the full picture of medication history, allergies, prior treatments, diagnoses, procedures, and more. Since most of our patients who transfer out of Estes Park Health move to Epic facilities, the Epic connection further serves the quality of care for that patient almost anywhere that patient might go.

Your bill will look different

Our previous billing system Estes Park Health sent out a separate bill for every service (encounter) a patient received at Estes Park Health. This is called “encounter billing”. Hospital charges and physician charges are separate bills and could arrive at different times. With the new billing system provided by Epic, patients will receive one bill for services (encounters), and this is called “guarantor billing”.

Another new element in the billing process is that patients will receive a statement letter after receiving services at Estes Park Health. The statement will list the charges a patient owes to Estes Park Health, but NOT the charges being processed by the patient’s designated insurance.

Patients will still receive separate bills from providers that are contracted by Estes Park Health, but NOT employed by Estes Park Health. For example: Contracted hospitalists who provide inpatient services, or radiologists who read diagnostic images read at a different facility.

Where can you get help if you have billing questions?

Estes Park Health has Patient Financial Professionals on staff daily to answer your billing questions. You can reach Patient Financial Customer Service at 970-577-4530 and Patient Financial Counselors at 970-577-4327 (last name A-L) and 970-577-4528 (last name M-Z). You can also learn more about the Estes Park Health billing changes at: https://eph.org/patients-visitors/billing-payments.

Be Prepared for Your First Visit with Epic Electronic Health Record

At your first visit after November 9, 2019, you will need to bring your current insurance cards (medical and prescription), a valid driver’s license or ID, and your advance directives, as this information will not be moved into the new Electronic Health Record. This may be a very good time to revisit your current advance directives and make sure your information is correct. If you do not currently have advance directives, we encourage you to pick up a form available on a table next to the Physician Clinic, fill it out with your family, and bring it with you to your next appointment. Your advance directives are an important part of your health care plan.

There is more information about the Epic conversion on eph.org/epic.