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Certified Nursing Assistant – CNA – Per Diem- JOB #1002

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Provides hygienic and comfort care such as; bathing, oral care, peri-care, turning, changing beds and feeding.


  • Answers call lights
  • Takes vital signs and records them accurately (On nurse’s notes or vital sheet)
  • Assists patients with meals and nourishment
  • Maintains intake and output and weights
  • Assists with ambulation of patients
  • Assists with transportation of patients as needed
  • Maintains clean and organized work and patient care areas
  • Collection of specimens, such as UAs and 24 hour urine
  • Maintains a safe environment for each patient
  • Assists in ordering, restocking of supplies and equipment on unit; dressing cart, ED, Specialty Clinic and juices
  • Cleans and maintains utility room, equipment such as IV poles, wheelchairs, commodes and other assigned cleaning duties
  • Performs certain duties of Unit Coordinator, such as; answering phones, paging on radios, filling out requisitions, if Unit Coordinator is too busy or not on duty
  • Utilizes effective and appropriate communication
  • Cooperates with all staff in providing efficient and quality patient care
  • Effectively manages time for the benefit of all
  • Demonstrates professional behavior and dress in all phases of the job
  • Perform in accordance with all local, state, and federal laws and regulatory agency standards.
  • Perform in accordance with EPH vision, mission and goals.


  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Current Colorado licensure
  • Experience as a CNA
  • American Heart Association BLS

For more information about this opportunity, call 970-577-4458 and ask for the Human Resources Department, or e-mail questions to jobs@eph.org.