COVID-19 Testing - The Estes Park Health Physician Clinic is honored to bring this valuable testing to the Estes Valley community.


The Estes Park Health Physician Clinic tests community members who meet criteria for testing.

During regular business hours: Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.: Please call 970-586-2200 and press 1 to speak to a member of our front-desk staff or to leave a voicemail. If appropriate, they will connect you with our clinic COVID Triage Team (CCTT). The result of the call may or may not include COVID-19 testing, but you will be instructed in next steps.

After regular business hours: For routine testing for travel, etc., follow the business hours steps above. If you think you may have COVID, and are exhibiting symptoms, please call 970-586-2317 and then chose “0” (zero) to be transferred to an after-hours staff member for guidance.

It is important to note that a negative COVID-19 result does not mean that a patient will never test positive for COVID-19. It is a point-in-time test and a patient could be exposed to the virus after a test. There is also the potential for a false negative despite proper testing techniques. Anyone tested should continue to monitor their symptoms and talk with their provider if they are not improving.

If a patient is tested for COVID-19, a provider will contact the patient only if the results are positive.