The EPH Foundation believes in the importance of recognizing the donors who make its work possible. There are two giving societies designed to thank donors and build awareness of opportunities for philanthropy in partnership with the Estes Park Health Foundation. Additionally, there are customized recognition opportunities available, such as naming areas or rooms on the EPH campus. To discuss recognition, contact the Foundation Office.


The Knutsson Society provides recognition for Foundation donors. The Knutsson Society is named in honor of the lead donor for the original hospital campaign, Roger Knutsson. Members of the Knutsson Society make a gift of $1,000 or more annually and provide an ongoing level of support for Estes Park Health. There are various levels of the society, as listed below.

Diamond Level

Platinum Level

Gold Level

  • Mary Bolgeo and Jason Goodwin 
  • Gail and James Cozette
  • Terri and Brian Elliott
  • Estes Area Lodging Association
  • Estes Park Quota  
  • First National Bank of Omaha 
  • Charley and Linda Griffin
  • Francine Manilow
  • Stan Marek
  • Duane and Suzanne Miller
  • Mary Vanier

Silver Level

  • Sam and Barbara Beeler 
  • Fred and Merilyn Johnston
  • Miles and Bonnie Mewherter 
  • Rotary Club of Estes Park 
  • Tami and Dan Scace
  • Diane and Leon Scruton 
  • Richard and Mary Lou Smith 


Bronze Level

  • Jose Almeida and Sue Strom 
  • Bob and Mary Ann Alvarez 
  • Wayne and Judy Andersen 
  • Brad and Kelley Anderson 
  • Anonymous 
  • Vaughn Baker 
  • Dodi and Jim Banker 
  • Rick and Claire Beesley 
  • Keith Bible 
  • Don and Kay Bishop 
  • Bill and Alison Boyington 
  • David and Loretta Brewer 
  • Don and Carole Cheley 
  • Jeff and Erika Cheley 
  • CliftonLarsonAllen LLP 
  • Colorado Imaging Associates, P.C. 
  • John and Dona Cooper 
  • Harris and Beth Cooper 
  • Ann Pew Curran and Edward Curran 
  • Mark and Becky Elrod 
  • Ken Epstein 
  • Estes Park Emergency Associates, PLLP 
  • Franklin and Christine Farrel 
  • Susan and Andre Fereday 
  • Derek and Valerie Flockhart 
  • Frederic and Mary Frankel 
  • Eleise Garrett 
  • Ron and Vivian Gordon 
  • Rhondda Grant 
  • Keith and Beth Heaton 
  • Marilyn Herrmann 
  • Bob and Christann Higley 
  • Glonda Hix 
  • Mark and Deanna Hollon 
  • Robert and Ellen Hostetler 
  • Tim and Carolyn Hull 
  • Mary Jean and Sheldon Johnson 
  • Randall and Patricia Kampfe 
  • Peggy and Dr. John Knudtson 
  • Martin Koschnitzke and Belle Morris 
  • Rick and Lynn Lawson 
  • Chuck Levine 


  • Michael Lindholm 
  • Edna and Charles Manhoff 
  • Medical Staff of EPH 
  • Tara and Phil Moenning 
  • Teresa and Paul Mueller 
  • Mueller Pye & Associates CPA 
  • Kevin L. Mullin 
  • Nancy and Fred Nemacheck 
  • Henry and Linda Neuman 
  • Glen and Pat Nieman 
  • Linda and Ron Norris 
  • Cynthia and Tom Olson 
  • Larry and Karen Olson 
  • Stan and Kathye Osborne 
  • Tony and Diane Palmer 
  • Sandra Peacock and Craig Lovejoy 
  • Jenny and Erle Radel 
  • Mary Jane and Douglas Rampy 
  • Alexandra Reid 
  • Richard Remington 
  • Anthony and Kathy Ricciardi 
  • Carl and Aime Robicheaux 
  • Mel and Gray Rueppel 
  • Russ and Cathy Schneider 
  • Shirley Shirey 
  • Harold and Marian Short 
  • Tara Smith & Patrick McSwiggen 
  • William O. Jr. and Marianne Solms 
  • Robert Spangler 
  • Elvin and Constance Spreng 
  • Ron and Jackie Springer 
  • Dwight and Maryse Stanford 
  • State Farm Insurance, Inc. 
  • Jean Sutherland 
  • Bill and Nancy Sweet 
  • Audrey TeSelle 
  • Rod and Sherry Unruh 
  • Sandra Utz 
  • Village Thrift Shop, Inc. 
  • Drew and Carla Webb 
  • Jim and Carol Whiteneck 
  • Dennis and Rosemary Wolf   



The Legacy Society is comprised of donors who have made a gift to the Estes Park Health Foundation as a part of their estate and/or give to the endowment fund. These donors recognize that it is important to ensure that Estes Park Health remains local, independent and strong for generations to come. Making an estate gift to the EPH Foundation and/or donating to the endowment fund helps make certain that your children and grandchildren can live, work and play in Estes Park knowing that quality healthcare is right down the street. If you have made a gift to EPH Foundation in your estate plan, simply let the office know so that you may be recognized and the Foundation can ensure that your wishes for the future gift will be carried out.

  • Anonymous
  • Inge Adam*
  • Robert N. and Noreen J. Baker*
  • John and Dona Cooper
  • Ray and Pat Cushing*
  • Constance Drumheller*
  • George T. Phillipi* Family Trust
  • Ron and Vivian Gordon
  • Charley and Linda Griffin
  • Margaret Guthrie* Irrevocable Trust
  • Robert C.* and Joyce Hamblin
  • Jeffrey P. and Susan Hancock
  • Jack G. and Shirley Haselbush
  • Alma and C. Franklin Hix, Jr.*
  • Helen Hondius*
  • Robert and Ellen Hostetler
  • Deborah Hughes & Leo Weber
  • Tim and Carolyn Hull
  • Martin Koschnitzke and Belle Morris
  • Frank D.* and Barbara Lane*
  • Clark* and Nancy Lupton
  • Dick and Jean Marquart*
  • Miles and Bonnie Mewherter 
  • Theresa and Paul Mueller
  • Kevin L. Mullin
  • Stan and Kathye Osborne
  • Sandra Peacock
  • Janice Ricker
  • Sherry Rielly
  • Anne & Robert Robertson
  • Jane Schoen
  • Peter and Stephanie Sinnott
  • William O. Solms, Jr. and Marianne Solms
  • Ruth Ann Southwick*
  • The Stanley Hotel
  • Jewell L. Sumonia*
  • Marcia Musgrave Taylor*
  • Ken* and Audrey TeSelle
  • Rodney and Sherry Unruh
  • Andrew Wills*
  • Charles and Jane Wright

* Deceased

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