A History of Impact from Your Generous Giving

Coronavirus & Subsequent Emergency Response Fund 2020

So far in 2020, Estes Park Health Foundation has responded to the coronavirus pandemic by funding additional personal protective equipment (PPE) for staff, retrofitting 7 rooms to negative pressure rooms (4 in Med/Surg and 3 in the Emergency Dept), and underwriting the cost of a COVID-19 direct real-time RT-PCR assay testing system.

An immediate, pressing need in March of 2020 was to retrofit four rooms at Estes Park Health to negative pressure rooms for the inpatient ward. This system ensures that when a COVID-19 patient is admitted, the air in that patient’s room will not travel to the rest of the building, infecting other patients or staff. Estes Park Health Foundation funded this campaign with a combination of individual donations and grant money. These four negative pressure rooms have been operable since April of 2020. As cases of COVID-19 rose in the Estes Valley community, senior staff identified a need to retrofit three additional rooms located in the Emergency Department to negative pressure rooms. This retrofit was completed in July of 2020. Negative pressure rooms give the staff at Estes Park Health the ability to treat COVID-19 patients here in Estes Park rather than sending them to facilities in the valley.

In July of 2020, Estes Park Health Foundation fully funded the purchase of a COVID-19 Direct real-time RT-PCR assay testing system, which is the recommended testing method to diagnose the viral infection. With the implementation of this system, Estes Park Health can run eight COVID-19 tests in-house simultaneously, providing EPH physicians results in 80 minutes. Current in-house test procedures allow in-house patient samples to run one at a time and are only offered as part of a full respiratory panel, leaving all outpatient and pre-op screening samples to be transported to Children’s Hospital. Samples sent out have a turnaround time of up to 48 hours. Having the new COVID-19 test analyzer available right here at Estes Park Health will give Estes Valley residents, visitors, and staff fast and efficient results.

3D Mammography Campaign 2019

The 2D mammography machine in Estes Park Health’s Diagnostic Imaging Department was at end of life in 2020. Estes Park Health Foundation fully funded the purchase of 3D mammography machinery and capabilities. 3D mammography has been shown to detect 20-65% more incidences of breast cancer than 2D, and, according to Susan G. Komen, 90% of women whose breast cancer is found in earlier stages will survive.

Three New Ambulances: Two in 2019 & One in 2017

Ambulance service provides a vital service to the Estes Valley community, covering over 1,000 square miles. The Estes Park Health Emergency Medical Services crew travels to emergencies in the Estes Valley, Rocky Mountain National Park and surrounding communities. They also provide emergency transport for patients needing care beyond what Estes Park Health can provide. Through the combined efforts of the Quota Club of Estes Park, Estes Park Health Foundation, and other donors, Estes Park Health was able to add three new ambulances to its fleet to better serve the community and the visiting population.

Emergency Capacity Campaign 2018

The Emergency Capacity Campaign was an initiative to purchase four new cardiac monitors for Estes Park Health’s Ambulance Service and three trauma stretchers for the Emergency Department (ED). Cardiac monitors are the basis of how the EMS team can treat patients and communicate with the ED. The new trauma stretchers allow ED staff to safely transport patients and dose medications. This initiative was fully funded at the end of 2018 with enough funds to purchase three patient transporters in addition to the cardiac monitors and trauma stretchers.

Estes Park Health Living Center Common Area Remodel 2018

Estes Park Health Foundation fully funded an upgrade to the Living Center dining room with new furniture to create a space for residents to comfortably dine and socialize. New dishes were purchased, as well as a buffet style service so residents can easily choose their food from a selection of entrees prepared daily by our Dietary Services Team. To facilitate a setting that feels more like home, Estes Park Health designed a living room to serve as a sanctuary for residents to read, enjoy quiet time and visit with guests. In addition, a new coffee table and love seat were added to the Activities Room.

Wound Care Clinic Upgrade 2018

The phenomenal efforts of Estes Park Health Foundation’s 2018 Crowns for the Care campaign and Paint Estes Pink raised enough money to purchase surgical-grade lighting for the Wound Care Clinic, a specially designed exam chair for wound treatments and a cautery device. The Outpatient Wound Care Clinic is used to treat patients suffering from chronic wounds by using technologies such as water debridement, tissue grafting, compression wrapping, specialized dressing application and negative pressure therapy. Patients experiencing illness can develop wounds that are difficult to heal. The Wound Care Clinic treats patients in our community so they can stay close to home.

Estes Park Health Living Center Exam Room 2017

As a result of contributions by major donors to Estes Park Health Foundation, Estes Park Health Living Center now has a fully equipped, elder-friendly exam room that allows Residents to receive medical care within the Living Center.

Estes Park Health Living Center Hospital Bed Campaign 2017

Because of generous gifts from individuals and businesses, Estes Park Health Living Center was able to purchase 35 new beds needed for their Residents. The Foundation raised $75,000 for this improvement. The longer, wider mattresses flip to allow Residents to choose a soft or firm side. In addition to providing comfort and support, with the modern technology of these new beds, staff can now better maneuver and assist those in their care. The Estes Park Health Living Center Residents now rest more comfortably, improving their overall quality of life.

Infant Security Campaign 2016

Thanks to many generous individuals and businesses, the newest members of our community can experience a level of security that rivals the region’s largest birthing centers. Funded by Estes Park Health Foundation, this system employs the latest technology to secure designated areas. Any unauthorized attempt to leave a monitored area triggers an alarm and activates door locks. Parents and staff can focus worry-free on caring for newborns and the joys of family life. Donors to Estes Park Health Foundation provided more than 90% of the funds needed to upgrade the infant security system in Estes Park Health’s Birth Center.


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