Coming to the Emergency Department (ED) is usually an unplanned and stressful event for most patients. Our ED physicians will always try to reduce that stress for the patient and family.

Through an empathetic serious approach to diagnosis and treatment...infused with compassion and humor the emergency department physicians seek to help all my patients through their most difficult health issues.

At Estes Park Health you will receive personal, professional care and treatment by our highly trained and dedicated ED nurses and physicians. We strive every day to treat each patient in the ED like they are the only patient we they are our mother, our sister or any close relative. Be certain that you will receive the same care that can be provided at any Front Range hospital. If we do not have the resources at Estes Park Health for your condition, we will safely and efficiently transfer you to the most appropriate hospital for your problem. We want you to know and rest assured we always ready and prepared for whatever emergency arises.

Patient feedback:

"Everyone made me feel welcome and cared for and I think they did a wonderful job. I'm very proud of our facility. Thank you."

"We were there in Estes Park visiting and my husband because of the altitude I guess had a bloody nose that wouldn't stop and we had to go to the emergency department. We were very, very pleased, very pleased. We couldn't be happier with what was done, and everyone was very accommodating, and it was a pleasant time."

"Yes, the workers, the nurse and doctor, were very knowledgeable, made us feel safe and secure and kept us up to date on everything they were doing and why they were doing it. I felt totally relaxed, respected and taken care of. Thanks so much"


ويعمل قسم الطوارئ التابع لنا علي مدار الساعة يوميا/سبعه أيام في الأسبوع ، ويضم أطباء وممرضين معتمدين من المجلس. مع تصنيف الصدمات من المستوي الرابع ، نهتم بالبالغين والأطفال المصابين بإصابات خطيره وطفيفه ، والامراض وغيرها من الاحتياجات الطارئة بما في ذلك:

  • العناية القلبية
  • علاج السكتة الدماغية
  • العناية بالإنتان
  • جراحه العظام

إذا أصبح ضروريا ، يقوم فريقنا بتنسيق جميع جوانب عمليات النقل والإحالات للمرضي الداخليين ، بما في ذلك النقل عن طريق الإسعاف أو المروحية الخاصة ب "ايستس بارك هيلث".

[ايستس] متنزه صحة ينقذ [سنثيا] حياه

تقويم الفئة